Initial Brief

Cognito Café is a repeating customer of ours with an idea of turning the old Bank of Scotland building into a fine dining restaurant and bar in the west end of Aberdeen. Within keeping the tradition of the building, we were challenged to make sure the lighting did this justice.

We had to start the installation from scratch ripping out all the existing wiring of the premises and fully re-wring the building to suit the owner’s ideas. We also carried out all the plumbing installations, designed bespoke taps for the client, boiler install, and all water works.

The project was hard work for the guys with a team working 24/7 over the course of a 2-month period but we managed to complete on time

The Outcome

The owner has a unique taste which took us time to get to grips with the envisions however after working together and listening to their plan we were delighted to bring the idea to life.

"Just to say a huge thanks for all your hard work, Cognito on the corner was a challenging project, changing ideas and specification all the time, the protect grew way beyond what any of us thought and you were able to solve any design problems that were thrown at you , you had faultless commitment to making the install process at Cognito be the best it could it could be, your professionalism and problem solving is to be commended in such a high pressured environment dealing with very tight, demanding timescales . I would highly recommend you to any other client looking for a electrical contractor. "

Nicky Turnbull (Cognito)


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